Marin Držić Award for dramatic work, for play Dorothy Gale, 2007

Marin Držić Award for dramatic work, for play Saved, 2009

Marin Držić Award for dramatic work, for play Someone Should Walk the Dog, 2013


Nothing really in this book or in the writing of Tomislav Zajec is an accident. There is something almost ritual in Zajec and his drama writing, almost ritually magic and mystic in his direct but quiet search of a miracle. Initiation process is just about to happen. Maybe. And maybe not. By immersing into Zajec and his world I simply could not turn on a mental, intellectual analysis or the info on dramas, performances or other factually tangible realities. I was seduced by feelings of his whiteness and it took me to an inner path of a more organic and secretive nature. I thank him for that.

Tatjana Gašparović, Kazalište (Theatre)

In his three new plays Tomislav Zajec turns to a new drama form, and to a new style. Speaking about present times, he touches upon individuals, life situations which are more than real. In doing so he portrays in an excellent way the modern feel of the world and the position of spiritual loneliness. He adds hope to the reality of portraying this starting feeling, which is extremely important, since he deals with development and variations of that topic in all three plays. His plays remain as real as the life that surrounds us, and as poetic as necessary in order to be able to believe in the concept of hope and of the good.

Petra Jelača, DLJI (Dubrovnik Summer Festival)

Firstly, this is a topically and structurally an extremely heterogeneous dramatic material, which within such a trilogy gains on its fullness and roundness. One equally important part of the project are photographs, which were not imagined as a mere side artistic
(illustration) backdrop to the text. Contrary to that, the photographs present an equally constitutive part of the project. This is also a fact which makes this book unique and different from other collective or anthological publications.