The third Zajec book of poetry contains exclusively prose poems, a choice of form which is quite unusual in the works of the younger generation.

Zvonimir Mrkonjić, Novi list

The muse of Tomislav Zajec is Provocation, and its sisters are Quip and Organization. This is an author who aptly balances between story telling and covering his traces, between logics and strategy of guiding the plot and paradoxal making of a point, a scorpio bite at the end of the text.

Tonko Maroević, Forum

By putting the reader somewhere half way between the landfill and a darkened window from which he eagerly observes the events in the apartment across the hall, Zajec takes away from the reader the role of an observer and makes him/her an accomplice in the lyric world.

Krešimir Bagić, Brisani prostor